Goal Setting

The first step in getting real my dreams for this year were to establish my goals. Goals have to be realistic, achievable, written down and given a date of completion.

In March I am going on a cruise, so for the Cruise I need $1100 savings for daily expenses. So this goal becomes: Save $1100 by 1st March 2020. It is specific, it has a date now I have to make it achievable which will be the topic of tomorrows post.

Yesterday my dream was to attend Hogmanay in Edinburgh, date of completion 27 November 2020.

To be able to achieve this I had to look at how much it would cost, here is the breakdown:

Flights: $2200
Accommodation $1500
Food $2100
Experiences $2000
Rental Car $500 (11 days)

The total comes out as $8300, however I would like to round it up for increases in expenses, so the goal becomes: Save $10,000 by 27th November 2020.

I now have two consecutive goals for this year and two experiences I am very much looking forward to.

Tomorrows post will look at how I am going to set about achieving such lofty goals from $0

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