From $0 – starting a dream life from scratch in one year.

New Years Day, new resolutions. Today I bounced into action, inspired by my bucket list, my goal is to get my family to Scotland to experience a traditional Hogmanay (Scottish New Year). I have no income at present so the goal of this blog is to show you how I went from a negative bank balance to fulfilling this bucket list item.

Life is short, and if I continue doing what I have always done I will sit here in 12 months time feeling like a failure. Time to change the program and switch it up.

So how did this come about?
Since getting my Ancestry DNA and discovering I was more Scottish than anything else my fascination with all things Scottish began. Watching the Outlander TV Series which has been the best introduction to Scottish History further fuelled my fascination with all things Scottish and grew my desire to learn more about where I have come from.’

Last year I found myself researching the battle of Culloden and learning more about my historic forebears. Recently I have wanted to join a local scottish group to learn more, and seeing a post from the Scottish Society this morning about Hogmanay led me to add it to my bucket list for next New Years.

Having a goal is a starting point for action, so the two action steps for today:

  1. Establish my Goal – putting a time and cost on the trip, full completed Goal tomorrow
  2. Research how to go from $0 to enough money to pay for the trip and cover our regular expenses while we are away.

This Blog is about showing you that you can achieve any goal you desire if you put consistent effort and focus into it. If the goal seems too large, break it down into smaller goals until the goal is believable and easily achievable.

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